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What Makes a Successful Car Club?
Written by Martin Scott   
Thursday, 24 July 2008
suc.jpg “What makes a successful car club” you ask….I’ve had the opportunity to ask car enthusiast from across the country this very question and 9 out of 10 always say “It’s the people” which means more events….That’s right, most car owners say the reason they join a local club is to meet new people….but you can’t meet new people with out an event to go-to in the first place. An event can be considered anything from an impromptu Saturday afternoon drive to a fully coordinated local event.
Blazing an Apache Trail to Canyon Lake
Written by UDEVL   
Saturday, 21 June 2008

Staged at Red Mountain High School, Arizona’s largest gathering of smart owners met to enjoy a Saturday run. A total of seventeen smarts tackled the Apache Trail, weaving through some of Arizona’s most scenic landscape. As we navigated the winding roads our paddle shifters were put to work, up and down like the hills we drove. Fourhounds led the way and gave us all a needed rest at the beautiful Canyon Lake overlook. 

After a group photo we got back on the road and continued toward Canyon Lake and our final destination, Tortilla Flat, AZ (pop. 6). Bikers waved, smiled and stared through their dark sunglasses as we paraded through the desert. 

Upon arrival at the Superstition Saloon we were greeted by a large number of Harley/chopper riders. As I walked up to the saloon I was stopped by a very tall, leather wearing biker who asked, “are you guys some sort of gang?” I replied, “we sure are, we’re a gang of smarts!” He laughed and enjoyed checking out the cars. 

Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other as we dined on some of the biggest burgers, hottest chili and coldest drinks around. It was great to look around and see everyone sharing stories and building friendships. Thanks to timsuhr/squirt who brought real smarties and shared with everyone. Photos from the day are posted on this site.

For those of you who couldn’t make the run, you were missed and we look forward to seeing you at the next event. Make sure to get on the forums to suggest future runs, activities or special events. By the way… we still need to finalize our club name so cast your vote now. See you in July!

Planning a Successful Drive
Written by Martin Scott   
Sunday, 08 June 2008

Successful trips start with early planning, it’s pretty easy to get two or three people together and go for a leisurely Sunday cruise. But when you have 15-30 cars turn out for that same Sunday drive then things become a bit more challenging…But all the more exciting! Here are a few keys to planning and executing a successful ride:

Smarts Tackle South Mountain
Written by UDEVL   
Sunday, 11 May 2008

I think a great time was had by all at the South Mountain run. My wifeLaurie and I were running late and arrived at the Mystery Castle around10:25am only to find we were early. Why you ask... The Mystery Castledidn't open until 11am. When we turned the corner off of 7th street andstarted down the hill we saw six other smarts waiting. What a coolsight!

southmountain2008.jpgThe group decided to skip the castle and head up the mountain.On the way up we thought we lost someone in the turn about. Come tofind out he knew a super secret short cut and ended up leading us allaround. The drive up the summit was fun seeing all the smarts weavetheir way up the hill. Hikers, bikers and other adventurers smiled andshot photos as the smart procession drove by. The summit was great. Wegot creative in balancing the color of our parking display. When thephotos post check out the balance.

We then went to Los Dos Molinosmexican restaurant and well... I'll let the rest of our group posttheir thoughts. Once again we changed plans and ended up at Panchosmexican restaurant located less than a mile away. The food and servicewas excellent. As I was sitting at the table I noticed everyone washaving a blast getting to know each other. Our conversations startedsoft and ended up so loud I thought we were going to get escorted out(not really) but we were having a lot of fun.

We all exchanged phonenumbers and email addresses and began to discuss what the heck we weregoing to name ourselves and what our next adventure was going to be. Soget on the poll and vote for you favorite club name and post asuggestion for our next outing.

Smart Club Goes to Papago Park
Written by Webmaster   
Saturday, 05 April 2008

papagopark2008-400w.jpg The club gathered for lunch today at Dave & Busters, and then drove up to Papago Park for some pictures.  In all, we had six cars for this gathering.

We parked illegally in front of Hole-in-the-Rock to grab some photos, and two different Ranger trucks dropped by to talk to us, not about how we were parked, but with lots of questions about our cars.  Click here for more pictures

Also, we added a new section to our Photo Galleries called Member Photos , which will help refresh your memory on owner's names prior to attending an event.   You must be logged-in to see these photos.

HELP US NAME OUR CLUB: At lunch today, we discussed several possible short names for our club, so we are putting up a poll on the site to get user feedback.  Please tell us what you think we should call ourselves.  Currently, our ideas include:

  • Smart-AZ - This website name (has a double meaning - a bunch of smart az-es)
  • AZ Smarties - The original name given to a club started by pre-2008 owners.
  • Phoenix Smart Car Club - Creating Phoenix as a separate club would encourage clubs to form in Southern and Northern Arizona, creating more event opportunities for everyone.
  • Other - Click on COMMENTS below to add your ideas
These ideas are for the "short name."  We will also have a long name, which will include all of the relevant search keywords.
Six Smart Cars at Scottsdale Pavilions
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 31 March 2008


We had SIX smart cars at our first gathering at Scottsdale Pavilions car show this weekend.   Ron (in silver) came with name badges for everyone, and we had a great time answering lots of questions about the cars, which included both the 2008 451 models and the prior 450 models (one of which was a very rare diesel).

Click here to view some photos from this event.

Getting a 2008 Smart Car in Arizona
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 17 March 2008

smartcenterchandler-350w.jpgIf you haven't already done so, configure your Smart Car and then place a $99 fully refundable order online for your Smart Car.  Most of the people who ordered cars did so without ever test driving one, but if you want a test drive, dealers now have cars available, so visit Smart Center of Chandler and arrange to take one for a spin.

The 2008 Smart Cars are definately HOT right now, and with tens of thousands of them on back-order, getting your smart car could take a very long time if you ordered today and just waited.  To get your Smart Car faster, you need to be proactive, and if you are really motivated to move a bit closer to the front of the line, you wlll probably need to pay a bit extra and be flexible about features and options.

Smart Car Dispensing Machines
Written by Webmaster   
Sunday, 16 March 2008

smartcardispenser300w.jpg Welcome to our Smart Car Club of Arizona website, the Online Home of the SMART-AZses.

PURPOSE: We are still sorting out what exactly our club is going to be doing in coming months, and with just a few percent of the smart cars on order already delivered, we mostly expect this club to be a social group for people who are still waiting for their cars.  However, if you have some thoughts on what you would like to see the club do, please add your ideas to the bottom of this article, or join a group and add it to the bulletins.

MARCH GATHERING:  At least ONE SMART CAR is going to be at Scottsdale Pavilions on March 29th, and we would love to see any Smart car owners (and prospective owners) come out and visit, mostly so that we can chat about the car and our club.  This event is purely social, totally informal, just something to get the ball rolling.

SMART CAR DISPENSING MACHINE: Arizona is currently one of the largest Smart Car markets in the United States with dozens of new cars hitting the roads every month.  Today,  Smart Center Chandler is the largest dealership in the nation and the only place that you can purchase a 2008 Smart Car in Arizona.  However, if our club has our way, soon we will be installing Smart Car dispensing machines (pictured to the right) all over the state.


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